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  • The power dynamic between 14 and 18 is not the same as the one between 14 and 54, but it’s still there and somewhat problematic. Here you are claiming that it didn’t at all traumatize you while also arguing that pedophilia is perfectly fine.

    Poe married his cousin when she was 13.

    That same year, you could legally purchase another human being. Those two things being commonplace once upon a time doesn’t make them any less fucked up.

    Maybe she actually wanted to marry him?

    I can’t tell if you’re still going on about Poe’s cousin here or if you’re talking about the child from the article, so I’ll try to address both…

    Little girls in America in the early 1800s didn’t have a whole lot of options. They weren’t allowed to go to college. They couldn’t vote. Good paying jobs were out of the question. In the particular case of Virginia Clemm, her family was destitute. Poe paid the family off so they would allow the marriage, and he had to lie about her age on the marriage license. Not the greatest example if that’s who you’re talking about.

    If you’re talking about the child from the article, she definitely didn’t want to marry him. The rapist threatened her and her family to get his way. Let’s entertain the hypothetical though. Even if she did want to marry her rapist, it doesn’t make it ok. 14-year-olds want absurd things all the time. Mine would drop out of middle school and play video games all day if I let him. Doesn’t mean he understands the impact that decision would have on his life.

  • Well let me be perfectly clear then. Children don’t willingly have sex with adults. They’re coerced, groomed, tricked, conned, manipulated, threatened, or forced. Even if a 14-year-old’s brain was developed enough to understand exactly what was happening (and it’s absolutely not), the power dynamic between an adult and a child has a profound impact on whatever agency the child had in the situation.

    If an adult convinced a child to point a gun at their head and pull the trigger, I guess you could call that willingly committing suicide, but I would call it murder.

  • And you asked about the NBA, which is basketball.

    In baseball, there’s a long history of women playing with men. Lizzie Murphy played in the minors in the 20s. Jackie Mitchel struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in an exhibition game in the 30s while playing in the Southern League. Toni Stone, Connie Morgan, and Mamie Johnson played in the Negro Leagues in the 50s. Ila Borders pitched for the St. Paul Saints in the 90s. Eri Yoshida pitched in several men’s leagues over the last decade or so. Stacy Piagno played in the Pacific League a few years ago. Kelsie Whitmore is currently playing in the Atlantic League. There are also several women currently coaching men at the highest levels - Justine Siegal, Bianca Smith, Rachel Balkovec, Alyssa Nakken, Sarah Edwards.

  • There are none, and I literally just told you why. In sports like basketball, strength is so important that being more skilled than a man isn’t enough to overcome the physical disadvantage women have. It’s not that women are banned from the NBA.

    The ability to jump really high is the obvious example in the NBA. Plenty of women are tall. There are plenty who can handle a ball and shoot at that level. But it’s incredibly rare for women to dunk, and that’s something everyone in the NBA can do. Spud Webb, at 5’7", could do it so well he won the slam dunk contest in '86. Meanwhile, only 8 women in the history of the WNBA have done it, and the vast majority of those dunks belong to Brittney Griner, who’s 6’9".