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toLemmy SupportBan of Panzerfaust

removed by mod

o shit we forgot the /s not that it helps

no it must be 61 times

The nazis and communists were both socailists. Maybe just maybe that is the real problem, the mass of “society” stepping on individuals for some grand believed “betterness”.

LoL you have to beg to not be banned for expressing that^^ wtf is this place mao’s forum?

So this place is about identity politics. I suppose because you are a bunch of leftists you ain’t worth talking to because you’ll just delete anything you don’t like which is a lot!

Oh my god he used a suspicious word as his name, the grand fucking crime! /s/s/s/s/s/s/s/removed

Ya reddit 0.1? hurt the admins feelings and get banned? Good luck getting this place to catch on. look at .win which is growing the fastest, you need to be completely tolerant to other ideas and people to grow platform.