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  • I’ve worked on quite a few dairy farms in my time, and have never once seen an animal being “abused and tortured”.

    Cows and sheep are unbelievably stupid, you’re projecting your own thought processes onto something that has the brain capacity of a plywood door. If I kick its arse to get it to move so it doesn’t crush me, it doesn’t think “Oh my god help I’m being oppressed”, it goes “Duh, might move, might not”

    Do you know how much a fucking cow is worth? 😂 Farmers are the tightest gits on earth, they’re not out there torturing their profits mate

    If you Google “Un agriculteur accusé de maltraitance animale” you’ll find a lot of articles, which means that the laws against the abuse are working, if you mistreat your livestock you will get shut down because there’s no way to hide it and other farmers will definitely report you.

    Might be different where you’re from, but don’t accuse all farmers of torture and abuse