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I use Bash and I’m open to people explaining why a different shell would make a difference for me, unless it’s a matter of preference? For instance I’m not a huge Arch zealot, but by now I know all the pacman commands and I don’t see the point of switching.

How do you avoid unnecessary directories after removing a package?

This is ultimately not very productive, but I’ve had free time lately for obvious worldly reasons. …

I installed Linux Mint on a refurbished ThinkPad x220 because I was broke as shit and had to sell my gaming computer to pay rent. Eventually life got better, never replaced the ThinkPad, traveled with it, distro-hopped a bit — and I’ve gained a love for decentralized and open-source software. Becoming more comfortable with the command line has led to plans for a career change as well.

Welcome to c/Korea

This is a community meant to discuss Korea and Korean culture for both native Koreans and expats. …