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Just discovered Golf With Your Friends the other day with my usual group. Haven’t laughed so hard in quite some time.

Well I’m well down the path of genuine baldness so that’s probably true.

I find shaving mine once a week is best. Doesn’t get too harsh in that time and keeps my head from being all messed up from overuse of a razor. Every day is brutal to sensitive skin.

The best example I can think of is when you ask somebody for something quite difficult, they may respond with something like, “that’s a big/tough/tall ask.”

Adding -holic or -aholic as a suffix for addictions. Alcohol addicts = alcoholic. Chocoholics are then addicts of chocohol? Shoppahol for shopping addicts? I know language evolves, but this one bothers me.

I’ve read about half of them and really enjoy it overall. It’s definitely varied, and I think the best piece of advice is to not start with Consider Phlebas. Popular opinion is that it is a weaker entry. There’s really no chronology so just jump around as you see fit. Player of Games is a good starting point. Use of Weapons is my personal favorite out of what I’ve read.

Yo what? If they’d been advertising me bacon sauce for bacon I might’ve stayed!