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I have been in love with Satisfactory… honestly such a fun time dump.

I see your point… with the GUI tool but part of it is just stepping into the CLI… I have used both Vi and Nano (moddest linux user) I find Nano easy to use but i can see the Power in VI. having nano being default is probably best for use of all, but when someone runs into something where they need to search they will find Vi and never go back.

We could use a discord channel and perhaps get a few people in that have similar stances?

Hello, I am 23 as well and actually starting my undergrad in CS in the next month or two… I am really wanting to push into File Structure design after working with ZFS, FreeBSD, and FreeNAS/TrueNAS. I don’t know how useful i would be as an accountability partner as like i said am just now starting my journey into CS. But i will say that i have been working as a Network/Architecture Engineer at an MSP and have a very solid foundation understanding of what moderately sized organizations need in the cyber-security standpoint.