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  • as much as I love moneroju I have been having problems with it recently. The wallet mysteriously crashes and sends don’t work consistently. Would not recommend at this time, but I have no doubts the team is working to fix this. I hate to talk shit as the moneroju guys are dedicated, goodwilled and innovative, but I don’t want someone to have a bad experience. Perhaps download it and use it but don’t rely on it

  • Le epic redditer moment

    Look dude we’re both insufferable, let’s stay on topic

    If you believe your vote doesn’t matter, then you believe nobody’s vote matters. Clearly that’s not true. I get that voting for the less popular candidate won’t win the election for you. Boo hoo. Don’t conflate “losing the election” with “not mattering” though.

    If you believe your vote doesn’t matter, you either believe:

    • all votes are not equal (within a given election) or
    • the elections are entirely rigged