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  • I’m writing, not speaking, but yes, I read what I write as it is being written.

    “Bombed the country to ashes”. What a hot take, considering it was the largest operation of guided munitions in history. Next you’ll trot out the disproven 500,000 civilians killed figure. The country is in shambles now because they never achieved a unified government in the decade since the death of Gaddafi. The only thing NATO truly reduced to ashes was the Gaddafi compound.

    So the UAE put guys on the ground but you’re claiming that is a NATO issue? Weird. Also no, that didn’t go against the resolution. It specifically states occupation forces, which special forces are not.

    The 1970 resolution also contains no mention of what you claim in regards to intervention. I would suggest you reread both so you can familiarize yourself with the facts you are attempting to distort.

    So was it a NATO war or a civil war? You can’t say the rebels wouldn’t have won without NATO assistance and also insinuate NATO started it. Perhaps you should worry less about my “western propaganda” and hop off whatever BRICS-sponsored train you’re riding. I’m begging you.

  • No, the war in Libya was a militia operation to overthrow the government. The only thing NATO did was enforce the UN resolution to close their naval and airspace, and run sorties against Gaddafi.

    You know Qatar and Tunisia also played roles in the civil war? Last I checked, they were not NATO members. The Arab League and African Union also played parts in the conflict, with the former supporting NATO involvement to enforce the UN resolution.

    Implying NATO started things or led the charge is ahistorical.

  • I mentioned unscripted, aka real moments that actually show how sharp their minds are. He’s still in the game, sure. After 40 years, I’d expect him to keep himself on the path, but noticing danger and pitfalls is another story.

    Last election he argued with and made enemies among auto workers. This election, he’s buddying up. He’s done good and he’s done bad, some promises unkept or even unmentioned since.

    He’s better than Trump, sure, but that’s a low bar to set. Especially for someone who won’t live to see the potential consequences of their actions.