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  • Company owners aren’t really afraid of that. By law all sailors are allowed to cancel their contract at any time, after which they have to be left in the nearest port. Stowaways aren’t covered by this because they’re not hired as sailors. They’re not hired at all. The labour they can do is usually menial due to a mix of factors - They won’t have the technical know-how to do a lot of advanced stuff, they might have difficulty communicating, there’s trust issues and a ship is already crewed to fulfill the tasks it needs to do - Though always as sparsely as possible. This means if there’s suddenly an extra set of hands they’ll mainly be cooking and cleaning, which is essential, but there’s already people doing that, so the cooking and cleaning will just be better, which is nice, but capitalists don’t care about that.

    Even if the free labour a stowaway provides was skilled it’s not really common enough for this to be something the company owners rely on or even care about (in terms of labor costs). Even if it were common the company owners would still hate stowaways because they are an expense for every ship they’re on, even if they’re made to work for free. There’s an incredible amount of paperwork attached to having a stowaway, and a lot of places won’t even let you dock if you have one. Suddenly your cargoship can’t gain access to a habour, it can’t unload, it can’t reload, your profits are fucked, all because you wanted to keep an indentured servant on board. You can’t kick them off the ship either, because now they’re registered as being on your ship, so if they suddenly disappear people are going to ask questions. Now if the stowaway had disappeared before anyone had reported a stowaway?.. Well then that’s just the cost of doing business. But once they’re registered you’re on the hook.

    Countries won’t let your ship dock because they’re afraid the filthy undocumented person on board (who is almost assuredly from some horrible third world country yuck!) might leave the ship and go into the sea.
    Capitalists hate stowaways because they cost them money. Sailors dislike the hassle that’s attached to having a stowaway. The hassle is bureaucracy. The bureaucracy is because people are afraid of undocumented immigrants. This is because of racism.

    All the “making the stowaway work” is more something that kind of springs from the crew. You’ve got this guy on board, he’s been on board for a few months. He might as well chip in a bit, right? He can do the laundry or whatever.

    That’s what I know about the stowaway culture, but I’m mainly drawing on anecdotes from Scandinavian ships, though all ships have pretty international crews, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s not just standard procedure almost everywhere. Cruise ships excluded.

  • I would love to cook food for other people if it was under proper conditions and valued fairly.

    I worked a summer where I maintained shrubbery at retirement homes and it was incredibly rewarding, would love to do it, but not for minimum wage and not without breaks in the hot summer sun for 9 hours a day.

    I would love to work on a ship transporting essential goods, but I’m neurodivergent, so I’m not allowedshrug-outta-hecks

    I’d love to work with children, I used to and it was rewarding as fuck. However I don’t wanna be the sole person responsible for 25 minors (including a few with special needs) especially when I have no formal education in the field. Even less when my wage gets cut. Even less when the field got less and less financial support.

    I’d love to teach the elderly how to speak another language or develop other skills. I volunteered for this once and enjoyed it. Just didn’t have time to volunteer, and there’s no paid gigs.

    I’ve loved working in the service industry as a waiter, a tour guide, a chef and a lot more and it was all so rewarding. Work conditions sucked the life out of me however.
    I worked in demolition and loved it, I would love to do that kind of hard labour if I knew safety precautions were taken and I could be sure management didn’t screw me out of wages. However I can’t, because both things happened often.

    I would not like to show up and rubber-stamp public infrastructure plans I know suck shit, but it’s the job that pays the best, so I guess this is what society needs. Society is just desperate for me to clock in, take an hour long shit, drink a litre of coffee, steal from the canteen (out of principle) and fuck about on social media for a few hours. I don’t see the utility and it is making me depressed, but I guess this is what society needs. Capitalism is the most efficient distributor of resources after all.