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  • Nothing is “obvious” about that. What you present as the only possible conclusion from their actions is just your subjective interpretation. Could be true, of course. I highly doubt it (which is my subjective interpretation).

    Someone realized that the investment required for making a PC port (or having the studio include it) is less than the money you can make from selling it on PC. Selling consoles (the hardware) isn’t what makes them money, it’s reasonably common for them to be sold at a loss, especially early in the life cycle. Profit comes from people buying games they take a cut from, which is unchanged if Sony is also the publisher (or even the developer).

    In any case, if I’m right or wrong isn’t even the point either (I’m probably wrong, too). The point is it’s incredibly complicated, and nothing is even slightly “obvious” about it.

  • Well to my knowledge there are (or at least were) workarounds to get win 11 to install anyway. It of course worked fine, despite saying it needed a TPM and/or specific minimum CPU.

    From an eWaste perspective Microsofts decision to force literally millions of PCs into fake obsolescence is obviously horrible. And I honestly have no idea what their motivation even was for this.

    As for trying Linux, these days it really isn’t even a weekend. Sure if you want to tinker and learn, you can invest a weekend. But if you want to just use the PC just pick any of the commonly recommended distros and just go. It’s installed in minutes and you can honestly just use the PC for whatever you used to use it before. Just backup/move your data off it and you got nothing to lose but like an hour, if it really doesn’t work as you need it to.

  • You clearly misunderstood my post. Never said it was apples to apples, quite the opposite. I said the change from 7 to 10 was much bigger (and yes, we’re ignoring Win 8 completely).

    And of course will there be an uptick in Linux usage, he says it would be a “big” one, to which I objected to. Linux desktop has been trending up for a while, and while there might be a slight additional bump, I highly doubt it will be far beyond the margin of error for that general positive trend.

    I also said it “barely” moved (it being the market share), which implies it did move, just not a lot.

    More to the expected magnitude of the 10 EoL date pushing people to Linux, it won’t be anywhere near what valve accomplished with the steam deck. Why? Because people buy a gaming console, they can play games on. Most don’t care that it’s Linux, it’s just a tool/toy. It happens to be Linux underneath. On their PC they actively have to change it themselves. If people bought a PC that had Linux on it, they probably wouldn’t overly notice or care either, but they just can’t. Overwhelmingly they just come with windows, it you want it or not (usually there is no option to not buy that license).

    Edit: what is harder to predict (or guess) is the indirect influence of valves accomplishment. Now that gaming on Linux it’s actually viable, this might actually open the door for more people to give it a go. But as per usual with these things, it’s probably less people who actually do it than one would intuitively expect or hope.

    Edit 2: changed Vista to Win8

  • Just to comment on your first point, while in Utopia it wouldn’t be worth mentioning, the fact that not every companys job listing even includes home office, that makes it not just worth mentioning, but means it needs to be highlighted. People look for jobs that allow some or full time home office (for whatever reasons, or in general). How are they supposed to find them if it’s not mentioned anywhere?

  • Let me put it this way: I don’t own a car.

    I do own 3 bikes: normal, electric, electric-cargo. Train gets used for everything else. Tram within my city, but the city is small enough that I can reach most of it by bike (say up to 10km). Intercity (or equivalent) for cross-country journeys. Usually that’s faster than going by car anyway, and I don’t have to actively drive but can watch a movie or play games or whatever.

  • Yes I know why you have so the interfaces, but as far as I know: Linux simply can’t do what you want. So if you want to access PiAlert from your main PC on .6.X, you need to make that accessible from .6.Y on that VM. If you want to have the management port (UI) only open on the management interface, you would need to remove it’s interface on .6.X.

    As I said, as far as I’m aware Linux simply can’t not route packets properly in an environment like that. I won’t respect that the interface packets came in on needs to also be the outgoing interface for the return trip. I also had that problem and eventually j I’ve just given up.