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Accusing them of having connections with 8kun/8chan is like telling that there are relations between the development team behind Tor and pedophile groups just because the pedophiles host hidden services on Tor. Here Lokinet and Tor are tools. It’s the user’s responsibility to use it in an appropriate manner.

Correction: Session hasn’t received Lokinet integration yet. It’s a general misconception.

I agree that this is pretty thin evidence. It’s worrying though, also what kind of governance do they have? There is a loki CTO, etc. Maybe one day they’ll sell to facebook once enough users are caught in their API and apps?

An open source app run by the community cannot be sold. Nothing in OXEN is API. It’s a volunteer-run network that funds the operators itself. This also helps keep Lokinet and Session free for public use.

Why wouldn’t someone just offer them a modified service node software which isn’t distinguishable from the outside, but you earn more money while collecting and give away the tunnels that this server builds? This would cost the attacker some money, but they could figure out who sends what in this network if a large number of service nodes do this.

This is not possible. Existing Service Nodes on the network form “swarms” - groups of 9 Service nodes each and poll each other, checking them for their uptime, performance etc. An incentivized structure helps the operator cover the costs of running a high quality server. Maybe one day we will be able to host it at home with dedicated hardware but that would definitely take time. Hosting it in servers is better. I recommend people not to trust a volunteer run network because computers are not meant to be trusted. Several Tor exits have been caught snooping traffic because that is the only way how they will be able to earn something out of being a part of it. Never trust a computer!