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  • Both my parents smoked in the 90’s and I never really thought about it until I was like 12, by then it was being banned in many more places. I thought cars smelled weird that didn’t reek of smoke. I also sometimes smelled of smoke and probably smelled more to people who were not around smokers. Being around smokers from 0 -18 knock on wood I haven’t yet had been diagnosed with anything. Second hand smoke everyday. I never took it up, as we know its not good for you. But I dont mind being around smokers, brings a sort of nostalgia for me the second hand smoke that is.

  • Yeah man SNES was super fun. I had NBA live 95, you could turn off many of the fouls run around and push people over even while they were dunking. Mega Man X (last boss was hard as hell), Super Mario World is still great, A Link to the Past has aged well. FF3 and FF4 were good. Super Metroid, Super Star Wars, Kirby Superstar, Operation Thunderbolt, Ken Griffey Baseball, Lufia 1 and 2, Super Mario RPG, Star Fox, DK Country, and my favorite Yoshi’s Island

    All the new Yoshi games are missing that dynamic, bring back baby mario the game is good again. I also miss Yoshi’s sound effects before Yoshi Story changed them.

  • Still my favorite one, spent hours playing it with my friend. The journal entries for the quests get vague and sometimes buried with other entries. Kinda added to that charm though, The best part about it though was you could find great items/equipment without it being quest related. Something the newer games dont have. Exploring is best in this game. Skyrim didnt really give me the same incentive to explore