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it seems like they have a partnership with a center for the victims of gender-based violence, so many of their network might be in their network because of this specific type of violence.

Known should support inbound and outbound ActivityPub, in order to achieve full compatibility with fediverse tools like Mastodon…

Location: Remote position with a strong preference for someone based in the US South …

:) sure will update description

Decentralized Governance Research Scholar [Part Time]

Location: Remote Status: Part-time…

[Remote] Research Engineer - Django, 45$ / hr, 12 mo term

Location: Remote Status: Flexible, between 30-40 hours per week…

… perhaps a jobs board fork would be a nice side project

how about /forhire? so it’s more generic

what’s the other option? The who point of FOSS is that if you want something you really CAN do it yourself (or pay someone else to do it). The alternative is having people spend their free time doing stuff they’d rather not, for free?

Q: Job Postings

Can we post jobs on this instance, or would that be considered spam? …