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  • They have their own paid service now (dropout.tv). It’s about $5 a month. They have a great DnD live play show called Dimension20 if that’s you’re thing. They have some other shows too like Game Changer, play it by ear (like whose line), no laugh newsroom, dirty laundry (people try to guess each other’s secrets), um, actually (a show where contestants make pedantic corrections about nerd stuff), and a couple others.

    They have some scripted stuff but a lot of their shows rely, in full or in part, on improv. So if improvs not your thing then dropouts probably not for you.

  • I’ll leave you with this OP, you need to have a discussion with your GF about where the line is for both of you with how much you are prioritizing this particular friend especially given the background. Even more so since your GF has been cheated on before.

    The fact that you are prioritizing your friend after already crossing the line with her multiple times, and failing to set even a single reasonable boundary, would be a massive red flag for me. Actions speak louder than words. Think about what actions your GF is seeing, that will matter more than you just telling her you “love” her. Your actions are also leading on your friend and indicating (to her and multiple people even in this thread) that you are open to a romantic relationship with her.

    I’m a bit older and would have no patience for how much more care and consideration youre showing this friend than your GF consistently. Your girlfriend sounds like she’s far more forgiving of infidelity in a partner than I would be, so she may be OK with still being in a relationship with you while you continue to prioritize someone whose shown a great deal of disrespect for her and your relationship. How your relationship works with this friendship is something you two should probably discuss explicitly.

    If OPs GF is really reading this: you deserve someone who will prioritize you over their affair partner.

    Best of luck to you both.

  • So this is actually really important context OP. If you’ve “overstepped” with this friend before then your GF may already feel a bit cheated on. For you to leave her birthday to specifically meet this particular friend given your background info? That’s a pretty devastating blow to the trust in your relationship.

    There is no socially acceptable way to tell your GF “I needed a break from you , on your birthday, so I went to hang out with a woman actively trying to get me to cheat on you with her.” Because it definitely sounds like thats what this friend was trying to do, if she’s allistic there is no world in which she wasn’t trying to take you on a date. (I understand meeting your friend wasn’t preplanned, that matters very little here.)

    Honestly OP I know you said in another comment that it hurt you that your GFs friends told her to break up with you but I’m seriously surprised she didn’t. This is gonna sound mean but I really just want to be as clear as possible, so I appologize for how blunt and rude Im gonna be in this next part. I just want to make sure you understand whats likely happening in you GFs social circle. Full disclosure, if I had the information from these comments and was your GFs friend I would be telling her, “He cheated on you on your birthday, and he’ll do it again. You need to break up with him. He doesnt care about you. Hes more into his friend.” And I’d be repeating it to her every single time you saw this particular friend. It’s wild to me that you’re not single right now. I don’t know of a single allistic person who would read this story, with the added context, and not assume youre at least trying to cheat on your girlfriend. If you want this to have a chance with your GF given her history of being cheated on then you may need to put this friendship on the backburner.

    On the flip side, it does sound like you might care more about this friend than your girlfriend. Given the sexual orientations that you’ve outlined elsewhere have you considered dating this friend instead of your GF? All three of you might be happier? Just food for thought.

  • So I accidentally stumbled in here and I’m making some broad and very possibly weong assumptions that most everyone else in this story is allistic. If that isn’t true you can probably ignore this, my bad.

    That said OP if your GF is allistic, and especially if this is a newer relationship, you may need to tell her that she needs to clarify her expectations explicitly with you in this area. If she is allistic there is no chance she’ll have thought she had to ask you “please don’t abandon me on my birthday to go on a classic date with someone other than me.” To an allistic bystander this whole story reads like you care more about this friend than your girlfriend who you dont seem to really like all that much. (Not saying it’s true just that that is gonna be the social impression given off). Also, if you didn’t do something romantic still leaving your partners party to go hang out with a friend will still largely be interpreted as prioritizing that friend over your girlfriend. I’m not sure if that’s what you were trying to do but that’s what allistic people who hear this story will assume. So if she was OK with you leaving the party to hang out with this friend nonromantically (which seems unlikely) you may want to include “my GF told me she was fine with me leaving her party” when telling this story. Otherwise I think you focusing in on just the romance part may be missing the point, the romance part just made it worse but wasn’t the whole problem.

    Also as a side note: if the friend who asked is of a gender you are interested in and knew it was your girlfriends birthday when extending this invite (and is allistic) then your friend was knowingly being an asshole to your girlfriend. Possibly also trying to sabotage your relationship. Just a heads up.