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  • For anyone wondering what the issues with sleep in windows are, the problem is that instead of using traditional S3 sleep (suspend to RAM) Microsoft has been pushing hard for “Modern Standby” where insted of only the RAM being powered the whole system is powered on and kept in a low power mode.

    In theory this can provide a shorted wake time (because apparently the approx 5 seconds provided by S3 sleep isn’t good enough). The problem is that Windows will sometimes wake up to do maintenance and drain your battery.

    You might be able to fix it by disabling Modern Standby (also called S0ix, Connected Standby and S2Idle)in your BIOS. Unfortunetly a lot of modern BIOSes no longer offer the option to disable it and even sometimes lack support for traditional S3 sleep.

  • I like btop because of its ease of use and modern gui. When I open top or even htop it feels like I’m using something designed for a dumb terminal from the 70s. When opening btop it feels like something designed for how computers are used now and not 50 years ago.

    Also to my knowledge It’s the only full system monitor to include GPU monitoring (while other GPU monitors exist they usually only monitor the GPU and not the whole system)