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As a capitalist I think government should not fund education at all

Yeah, profit driven companies funding the education of our next generation. What could possibly go wrong?

Nothing but things go right and innovation occurs, prices go down. Look at something like the Khan academy there is so many obvious things to be improved in education. The public system is just a slosh of waste and more akin to a child care system than education.

verbal abuse is not great but you can learn to resist it

I take it you’re the kind of person who unironically calls people “snowflakes”.

No not generally, I try to avoid insulting people as it is not good for discussion. I would however discuss people as being snowflakes or as a group like that but it is all how it is relevant to the discussion.

Interesting problem you bring up like with homophobia, this is a persons response to the expression aka speech of someone overtly homosexual, by your reasoning it’s the homosexuals problem because it’s his speech that is caused the problem for the homophobe.

Am I reading this right? Your logic is:

Homosexuals come out and say they’re homosexual

They’re mercilessly bullied and abused and shunned by homophobes

They are broken by all the abuse

But because they chose to say they’re homosexual in the first place, it’s all their fault.

If that’s right, then just wow. Way to victim blame someone who’s already at potentially the most vulnerable time in their life.

In some regard you got it right but I was not considering the response in return from the homophobe. That is something different I think but obvious connected. I do not condone such behavior. The point I am trying to make is things other than speech can be considered speech and can have a wide variety of effects on different people. There is things that affect the homophobe like someone expressing as homosexual and then things that affect the homosexual like being hated upon, in fact I would say too the homophove would like being hated on either, but maybe he also views the hommosexials expressions as hate or offensive? You go down this path of only feelings matter and you end up in a very strange world.

Or are you saying that it’s the homosexual’s fault that them being homosexual (something you’re genetically predisposed to and is not a lifestyle choice) “harmed” the homophobe because “hurr durr it’s a sin”? That’s even worse!

No I am saying people have a wide variety or response to a wide variety of things. Do you think muslims kill gays because they find them just wonderful?

Exactly. If I know that my speech will cause physical harm to be done, I’m also responsible, because I could have chosen not to say it and avoided the harm.

Yes there is a connection there but the speech in itself is not the harm, it’s the physical harm that is the real problem and the person doing that has to bear the most blame. To draw the vonnection there has to be intention and knowledge it will have a result.

Again the speech itself is not causing the harm, but it’s the response to the speech, in those cases, like particularly slander stopping the speech seems the most effective means to prevent the problem.

Here’s a thought experiment based on biology: Methanol is extremely toxic if ingested and can kill you. However, the methanol molecules by themselves does not cause much harm to the body, but when it’s broken down in the liver to formaldehyde and methanoic acid, it causes a massive amount of harm. Would you say that methanol itself is not harmful, it’s just the body’s response to it? In that case, we should obviously not discourage the drinking or methanol but tell our bodies not to be snowflakes and stop breaking it down into poison, right?

Yes I would say the methanol is not harmful but ingesting it is. Your argument here goes absurd. I will concede you can have speech that can cause harm, go stand next running jet engine with no ear protection. You won’t hear any slurs or words you think cause harm at all but trust me you stand there long enough you will know harm.

Another example: a major reason why COVID-19 is such a serious disease is because it tricks the immune system into attacking the body. It evolved to do this and it’s clearly a survival strategy. Would you say in this case that COVID-19 is not the aggressor, but the immune system is? Actually, I think this is a great analogy because the immune system is designed to defend against or “censor” pathogens.

Most people and hence cells have no problem with the china virus like most people have not prolem with speech that is apparently “harmful”… ]

Another apt analogy to your “argument”: “It’s not the bullet that kills you, it’s the trauma and blood loss of your own body, so it’s really your fault, not the gunman’s”

Well that is correct, but more correct it’s not the bullet but the bullet damaging your body. Again these are absurd arguments comparing speech to bullets.

The best comedy is fun for everyone. That necessarily means not using language that insults a specific group.

No you clearly are not a fan of comedy. Enjoyment is subjective and so is humor.

The difference is that slurs like the n-word has a long history of being used specifically to insult a specific group. In most cases, slurs were created with that express intention.

Labeling and controlling peoples language is just game of power play to control people. The hailing point that breaks why the use of nword being bad is bs is the fact that nwords use the nword so much.

Ah yes, the “what you don’t know can’t hurt you” argument. No. If it was your intent to harm someone or what you did was objectively harmful, you’ve harmed them. It doesn’t mater if they realize it or not.

Sorry but this is insane. Harm has to be actually to exist you can’t just make it up.

An example: Punching someone when they’re passed out is still assault, even though they didn’t consciously feel it.

Punching someone is actually physically harm calling them a 183383 is not.

Finally, with the proliferation of machine translation services, if you said something to them in another language, they can trivially look up what it means. Language isn’t some barrier that forbids all information exchange anymore.

That is why I sad for the though experiment you had to not use them. Sigh.

Attacking their ideas is different from attacking them personally. You can say someone’s ideas are terrible in your rebuttal, but I won’t tolerate you insulting them as a person or insulting their race, sex, etc because those things aren’t choices!!

Definitely agree with you which is why I don’t get the lefts obsession of attacking people based on identity?

Can’t login to my original account so I made another. Thank you for your reply it’s quite clean. I would like to learn more how federation will work and I guess you aren’t fully decided though. I will do some searching here on it. I am interested in how users will exist from instance to instance, if they could somehow be universal that would be great but I guess that may either cause security issues or a point of centralization…

The issues I have with the left are censorship which they strangely try to deny while being blatantly obvious about it. I am somewhat fine with you censoring what ever instance you run I guess if it is small, but my main concern is that you won’t code with an eye against censorship and so the platform may not be all it could possibly be.