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I see your point. On the page that I’m building, the mobile navigation menu is the only usage of Javascript and I think that’s reasonable (desktop users are way more likely to disable JS than mobile users, for whom you should optimize anyway in most cases). Of course, there are other use cases where content is really dynamic (e.g. Etherpad), which you just can’t tackle with only HTML & CSS.

In my opinion, it’s those little things that JS is good at and CSS is (currently) not. JS is a tool, neither more nor less, and like with all tools, it’s more important what you do with them than what tool you use.

That’s not to say that I’m not in line with you that 95-99% of all JS code in modern web pages is bloat in the best case and acting against the users interest (like by spying on them) in most others, and I’m in no way an apologist for it. Condemning its usage altogether throws the baby out with the bathwater though imho.

Oh, and on performance: JS is pretty optimized today as well. A lot of waiting for modern web pages is due to loading of external resources, which would hardly be any faster if done in C*. In conclusion, we’re blaming the language for what people do with it. 😉

* I’m not saying that 3rd party assets are necessary or good, it’s just an observation

I’d argue that it’s not a question of yes or no, but of how much. Personally, I prefer pages that work as expected without enabling them in NoScript too, but that doesn’t extend to phones too well imho.

That’s because you’ll at least have a pretty hard time getting mobile navigation right without JavaScript, at least if you don’t want to fall back to odd tree shaped navigation menus which are always visible or something like that. There are CSS hacks for that, but those violate the distinction between content and representation.

Thanks, I’ve never heard of it, but sure will give it a try!

Only caveat is that I’m forced to use Windows at work, where I’ll remain without said tooling assistance. But that might be something I’ll just have to endure.

The problem is that KeePassXC needs to specifically allow types of browsers to connect to its database, and while Firefox and all other usual suspects are there, Librewolf isn’t and so the add-on can’t connect to KeePassXC.

Unfortunately, Librewolf is not among the list of supported browsers, so I’m back to copy & paste again.

Fwiw, believe you can self host that thing, which takes your passwords out of the hands of said cloud provider.

It’s been usable in the Chrome family of browsers for a while. I wouldn’t want to do any production work this way, but imagine e.g. using a midi controller to interact with some other piece of equipment, connected through a browser. That’s kinda neat in my opinion.

Hm, ich wüsste zumindest nicht, wie ich das auf mein zugenageltes Huawei bekommen soll. 🤔

Die Anwendungsdaten zu behalten ist außerdem zwar nett, aber mir geht’s wirklich darum, z.B. mit dieser exportierten CSV was anfangen zu können.

Will take some time because the VM is at work and I’m on parental leave 😉

I might actually use this at least in a virtual machine.

Nur eine kleine Anmerkung : Sooooo interessant sind die privaten Daten einzelner Personen auch wieder nicht für Dritte. Clouddienste sind für die Anbieter deshalb lohnend, weil sie die Profilbildung über eine große Zahl von Menschen möglich machen. Für so was kommt üblicherweise keiner „zu einem nach Hause“. Ransomware halte ich für realistischer, aber auch da ist man als privater Haushalt vermutlich auch nicht Angriffsziel Nummer eins, weil bei Firmen schlicht mehr Kohle zu holen ist. Man wäre also höchstens mal Beifang, falls eine Schwachstelle im Synology automatisch exploitet wird oder so.

Das soll natürlich alles nicht heißen, dass man sein NAS nicht absichern sollte. Nur die Bedrohungsszenarien sollten realitätsnah bleiben, sonst investiert man Zeit und Energie, die woanders mehr Nutzen gehabt hätten.

This fruit is just too sweet not to reap it: It’s really cute how it doesn’t fit into your head how more than one person in the world doesn’t share your view about the same.

So much imagination in one place, so little in the other!

Adding insult to injury, it only opens the link to Lemmy in the browser, now that I’ve checked 😄

Always interested to see what you try to make out of my words. You could have been a gifted sculptor for all I know, you neither lack imagination nor the aspiration to transform stuff into something completely different.

I didn’t say basically anything you imply and have not enough time nor energy to waste in “discussions” with fundamentalists, so I’ll just conclude my annotations to your pseudointellectual ramblings with another “if you say so”.

I don’t get where did you even suddenly put in the word “desirable”.

You used Clausewitz’ description in terms of legitimizing war as a matter of politics (as you opposed someone else sarcastically saying you had to accept war as a matter of dispute between nations). If that was not your intention, then your post contains mostly whataboutism, pointing at others doing the same (?) thing in order to not be accused for something.

Obviously some wars are better than the others, for example liberation wars, while US imperialist wars are utterly reprehensible.

Yeah. If you say so.

250+ conflict since WW2 can attest

It’s 77 years since the end of WWII. There are around 200 countries in the world (also depending on how Mother Russia feels today about further annexations). A “conflict” is an extremely wide term. Therefore, I’m surprised it’s not more than that.
Politics are very different today than in the time of Bonaparte, therefore war as a matter of those and the reasons for it are hardly the same. So what I don’t get is why you pull out that 200 years old quote to excuse nations colliding in war in modern times. Yes, war is a reality. Of course it is, nobody ever denied that, just look what a great point you made there! But hell, do we have to like that or drop every effort to overcome it? Europe for instance lives in peace since the end of Nazi Germany, which is probably the longest period since, I don’t know, like ever? Yeah, not everybody was happy with every compromise that came with that peace. But I suggest that those were/are still better than open war.

Let ideas fight & die, not people.

This excuse fits every despicable war the US fought in the past just as well as Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Not sure if this is what you were after.

Also, in the years and years since Clausewitz wrote what you quote, one might acknowledge that international standards have come a long way. Just consider the historical context of the Napoleonic Wars, it’s just not the world we live in anymore.
Additionally, Clausewitz only meant that as an observation, not as something desirable.

I’d expect a link I click from within lemmur to open up in my system’s browser, but that doesn’t happen anymore since the last update several weeks ago. Also, I haven’t found an option to change that behavior.

“Sharing” a link with your browser is not only clunky, it often doesn’t even work because the browser doesn’t show up in the list of apps to share with (at least on my device).

Locking tuners for Squier Tele?
I'd like to put above tuning machines in my [Squire Telecaster](https://www.musicianswarehouseathens.com/sqcotehhpewh.html), but I wonder if they will fit into the headstock without drilling the holes wider and the axles have the correct length. The given measurements are not that helpful. Opinions, or other suggestions?

I wrote this around two months ago. Maybe it solves a problem one or two of you might have. :) Also, I just used my method again just the other day and was happy that I had written it down, because I'd had a hard time remembering those commands. :D

I've got myself some Deathbuckers and the guitar I want to put them into has a [treble bleed mod](https://sixstringsupplies.co.uk/pages/installing-a-treble-bleed) installed. Any experiences if that mod does any good to those rather special pickups?

Not sure what to do with lug on potentiometer
Hey folks! I've bought the above potentiometer and I'm not sure what to do with this particular lug: ![](https://feddit.de/pictrs/image/a28e47aa-d2e4-4f73-ab04-f2d814ad8418.png) It prevents the pot from being mounted firmly. Am I supposed to bend it over, or even break it off? I don't want to ruin it, but without modification, It will never sit straight and tight. Ideas?

How do you identify individual disks in larger arrays?
Today the disks for my new ZFS NAS arrived, rejoice! 😍 Now I ask myself: If some day one of the drives fails, how am I supposed know which of the physical ones it is? My preliminary plan is to plug them into to disk container one by one, writing down the newly appearing blkids and labeling the corresponding drive. This is somewhat time consuming, so you folks have a better idea? Cheers!

Backing up (kind of) large amounts of data
Among other things, I'm running a small Nextcloud instance on my home server and over time, data somewhat piles up (especially photos). My main storage is sufficiently sized & redundant for now, but I wonder how I am supposed to do a serious backup: The moment will come where the backup's size will exceed any reasonly prized single drive. What then? Of course I can just buy another disk and distribute the chunks, but that's manual work - or is it not? At least `rsync` has no builtin option for that. Using a virtual, larger file system spanning among multiple drives looks like the easiest option, but I doubt it's a good idea for a reliable backup - if one disk fails, all of the backup is gone. On the other hand: That's true for the distributed chunks as well. What do you people do? Right now I don't have to bother as my data fits on a single device easily, but I wonder what in theory & practice is the best solution. Regards!

Is there a fediverse version of stackoverflow.com?
Lemmy is obviously inspired by Reddit. My map of the fediverse obviously not complete, so I ask myself if there is some free as in free software comparable to a q/a platform like stackoverflow?

Der Titel sagt vermutlich alles. Mit was quält euer Nachwuchs euch musikalisch?

Vor Jahren sah ich einen Vortrag zum Thema und bin seitdem sehr skeptisch bei der Osteopathie. In jüngerer Vergangenheit häuften sich in meinem Umfeld jedoch positive Berichte über Besuche beim Osteopathen, auch und besonders mit Kind. Nun bin ich zwiegespalten. Wissenschaftlich ist an „Blockaden“ oder gar „Organfehlstellungen“ offenbar nichts dran, trotzdem sind in Einzelfällen dadurch anscheinend sogar Schreibabies „kuriert“ worden. Habt ihr Erfahrungen und/oder Meinungen dazu? Der Nachwuchs in unserem Hause ist ebenfalls nicht der unkomplizierteste der Welt, aber irgendwie hätte ich kein gutes Gefühl dabei, ihm etwas angedeihen zu lassen, von dem ich so wenig überzeugt bin wie von der Osteopathie. Dazu muss ich sagen, dass mir die Unterscheidung zu Chiropraktikeker*innen schwer fällt und vielleicht ein Teil meiner schlechten Meinung zu Osteopathie daher rührt, dass ich davon noch weniger halte.

Hat man selbst millionenfach gehört, ist aber offenbar nichts dran: > "Es gibt keine seriöse Studie, die belegt, dass Zucker hyperaktiv macht", sagt Michael Schulte-Markwort, ärztlicher Direktor der Klinik für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie, -psychotherapie und -psychosomatik am Uniklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf. Tatsächlich scheint es sich um einen Bestätigungsfehler zu handeln: > Den Müttern erzählten die Wissenschaftler, dass ein Teil der Kinder extrem zuckerhaltige Nahrung erhalte, der andere ein Placebo. Tatsächlich erhielten alle Kinder zuckerfreie Nahrung. Doch die Mütter, die davon ausgingen, dass ihr Nachwuchs Süßes bekommen hatte, beurteilten das Verhalten der Jungen im Anschluss häufiger als hyperaktiv und auffällig.

Ist eine Motorwiege auf Dauer schädlich für das Kind?
Moin zusammen, meine Partnerin und ich haben schon vor Monaten mal in eine Swing2Sleep-Wiege investiert. Diese wollten wir anfänglich bei besonders hartnäckigen Phasen der Schlafverweigerung ein letztes Mittel zu habe, vornehmlich beim Mittagsschlaf. Wie das aber so ist, hat sich das alles etwas verselbstständigt und mittlerweile verbringt Junior größere Teile seiner Nächte in dem Ding. So ganz wohl ist uns damit nicht. Abgesehen davon, dass er infolge der Gewöhnung an die Wiege kaum noch woanders einschlafen kann, fragen wir uns, ob das ständige Geschaukel negative Folgen für ihn haben kann.