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    The world is on track for a “hellish” 3C of global heating, the UN has warned before the crucial Cop28 climate summit that begins next week in the United Arab Emirates.

    Scientists say far worse is to come if the heat continues to rise and the secretary general of the UN, António Guterres, has repeatedly said the world is heading for a “hellish” future.

    That is 42% of global emissions and equivalent to the output of the world’s five worst polluters today: China, US, India, Russia and Japan.

    Inger Andersen, the Unep executive director, said: “There is no person or economy left on the planet untouched by climate change, so we need to stop setting unwanted records on emissions, temperature and extreme weather.

    The UN warned earlier in November that the world’s fossil fuel producers are planning expansions that would blow the planet’s carbon budget twice over, which experts called “insanity”.

    The new Unep report said that if all the long-term pledges by countries to cut emissions to net zero by about 2050 were achieved, then the global temperature rise could be limited to 2C.

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