I was all into electoralism up until the 1-2 punch of Corbyn and Bernie getting screwed (and just straight up losing) within the span of 2 months. From there I thought electoralism still had it’s place but was thinking more about how we’ll never get to “vote” for socialism, and started leaning towards being an ML. And then recently, I’m just really down on the hope for any sort of internal change within the imperial core. I think change is going to have to be forced upon the global north by the global south. And even though Iive in the US, I just feel more and more disconnected from this place. I find I’m way more interested in what’s going on in places like Cuba, China, Good Korea, Peru, Bolivia, India, etc. I find myself not even really caring about US politics except for when it comes to issues of foreign policy.

And in my observation, it feels like a lot of comrades here seem to be following this trajectory.

Of course as I move along this path, I still don’t seem to have a really good feel on what I’m supposed to do, you know?

  • FidelCastro [he/him]@hexbear.net
    3 years ago

    It’s less wanting it to balkanize and more that I don’t believe the contradictions of the American empire will allow it to stay united once it reaches a breaking point sufficient for revolution.