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  • All I feel is dread. America will not vote for a female president right now. 😞

    What the f is going on? This has to be on purpose. Why wouldn’t he just keep chugging along and drop out AFTER the election? It’s been TWO WEEKS since that awful debate. Harris is a BLACK WOMAN that even DEMOCRATS didn’t like in the original debate. She’s been forced on us, and the inherent racism and sexism of the USA will never get her to the White House. Why would he wait this long? This seems so horribly bungled it HAS to be strategic. Democrats truly are just as bad, and our false hope just spoke through its actions instead of its words for once. America is so fucked.

    In no way am I saying this is right or just, but the only reason Trump won in the first place was because he was against a woman. And now it’s a black woman. How do people honestly expect that to go???

    Again, I’m not saying this is right and I absolutely wish things were different but America is not ready for that. We have to live in reality.

    the US will never elect a woman. It’s trump who will win.

    I’m afraid of people like my father in law from PA, who is a democrat, but probably won’t vote for a black woman.

    We need the whitest, most cornfed VP to be on Harris’s side.

    You mean like Josh Shapiro, who will definitely be on top of the list

    or Mark Kelly!

    Kamala hasn’t even announced her candidacy, but assuming Biden endorsed her, there must be intent for her to announce soon.

    But can she win?

    a POC woman? I’d be shocked

    Just some examples. The preemptive racism and misogyny of liberals is on full display. These spineless worms will tell you we can’t have black / female / gay leaders because America is inherently racist, but they will always be the first ones to take action and prevent it from happening. “America will never elect a gay president,” they’ll tell you, as they vote in their primaries to prevent it.

    Not to say I think Harris is a champion of women or black causes in any regard.