Gryph 2
Gryph rides up from the square . and goes back to the forest
bc there is something interesting in the forest . a cave-like thing with trees on the roof

when there is a place to hide . Gryph goes and check it
bc Gryph likes to hide
even if there is no-one
Gryph fears everything . and this is why Gryph likes to hide

Gryph goes inside this thing
it's dark here
still Gryph can see well in dark
when u live in dark places long enough
u start to see
even if u think there's nothing in darkness
at least u can see things others can't

there's a path inside this place . it goes somewhere
Gryph is already on this path
before u can say there's something
Gryph can already look for things from this

this path is long . Gryph needs 527 and 1 talonsteps before Gryph is at the end
there is no light . still Gryph walks
when u don't know where u go
u go forward

the Gryph's tail is on the ground
someone sees Gryph was here
if there is someone
Gryph hopes others mistake the tail as something else
still . if u see the tailprints . it's hard to not to know the Gryphon tailprints

now Gryph is at the end
there is light
Gryph looks up and there's the exit

Gryph likes to leap
so Gryph leaps
goes up
then flies

even if the Gryph's wings are very large
somehow Gryph manages to flap
so Gryph goes up

now Gryph is on the ground again
there is still forest
still this was a path
it means

someone was here

Gryph looks for years to find something else
Gryph likes the birds around very much
still Gryph feels there are other animals here too
Gryph fears these animals hurt Gryph
bc Gryph has found before things
which may not be nice for
the Gryphons

when u fear everything
still u wish there would be
at least some creatures
who'd like the Gryphons as the Gryphons
and not say the Gryph is not the real Gryphon

bc Gryph knows when others look at Gryph
Gryph is the real Gryphon

Gryph doesn't want any universe other than this
so Gryph thinks how Gryph can attract everyone
Gryph thinks to build another square here
still the Gryphons are curious

so Gryph does something else
and instead climbs the nearby tree
so Gryph can build another from the countless eyries
bc Gryph likes to be and do cool things in nests

here u can read fantasy short stories by Gryph the Gryphon . the main character is Gryph the Gryphon

u can also talk about things

  • the Gryphons
  • fantasy and beast design
  • birds like birds of prey
  • cars and airplanes
  • cool and nice stuff
  • ur projects and social things
  • nature and zoology
  • art and drawings
  • website writing and the internet
  • other things u feel i would like


  • be very nice and kind
  • i may not always reply due to life
  • i may fail sometimes
  • i can reply only shortly
  • the Gryphons are sensitive to me

the Gryphons are very nice

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