C. Edward Hopin's 'Soro' (1968) examines the life of the Fulani of Nigeria, and specifically, the Soro (or also written as Sharo) ritual: the two-step flogging of the right pectoral muscle, in which young men seek to prove their virility. There is an examination of the Fulani nomadic history, there is a Look at the landscape, the markets, the domestic activities which includes livestock farming, and the dances. There is a presentation of Hausa orchestras influenced by Western music. Director: C. Edward Hopin Producer: H.K. Davis Camera and Sound: David E. Hasford Picture and Sound Editor: Kandi Weum Collaborators: Ministry of Information Northwest State, Sokoto, Nigeria. University of Toronto's Scarborough College, the Sultan of Sokoto - Sir Abubakar, the Emir of Argungun - Alhaji Muhammadu Mera, and the Emir of Gwandu - Alhaji Haruna.

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