He got Facebook hooked on AI. Now he can't fix its misinformation addiction
Three years ago, the company began building "responsible AI." This is the story of how it failed.

The thing that’s novel here, to me, is not that they were pushing engagement at all costs; that was evident from Zuck’s whole…shtick. The key is that they were aware what those costs were, in more detail than anyone could divine from the outside.

What do we have to offer people in response to this that’s positive? What is being built that’s better? What are the funding models that don’t inevitably circle the advertising-eyeballs drain? I want to read people’s positive visions for change. I want to help things change. That’s one thing the Indieweb has going for it–even when you aren’t Fully Onboard With All Parts Of It, it’s clearly articulating what a better world might look like, and the big names there deserve props for it. The Fediverse, too–it’s growing toward what it wants to be, and that’s beautiful and wonderful.

(I also want to break up Facebook and salt the goddamn earth of Menlo Park, but that’s its own thing, I suppose)

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