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Remmel is a native iOS (and macOS version too!) client for the Lemmy Federation! It supports Multi-Account & Multi-Instance, creating posts/communities, commenting, posting, editing, messaging and other features. And I’ve implemented changing icon to white/black theme ☺️.


  • App now feels much faster, we’ve changed websocket connection.
  • You can now edit your post or comment!
  • Toast messages for some actions like comment posting or saving posts.
  • Star feature on post/comment added.


  • Update to v0.9.9 API
  • Copy/Paste feature
  • Ability to change instance right from App Info screen
  • Link parsers now parse only current instance


  • Finally ship with working inline images in post/comment
  • Fixed a bug where some posts not showing url

You can download it in AppStore

If you have some issues, please report it here

Please star the app on Github and subscribe to !remmel@lemmy.ml

Everything about Lemmy; bugs, gripes, praises, and advocacy.

For discussion about the lemmy.ml instance, go to !meta@lemmy.ml.

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