It is surprisingly hard to find open source launchers that are simply the AOSP default launcher with few UX modifications. NeoLauncher is one, but while the GitHub seems to still be active, the last update to the app on the repository is from 2022, almost a year ago.

I was thinking that LineageOS’s Trebuchet is a pretty good default AOSP launcher. Seems to be actively updated with the Lineage project and also up to date with the latest stock Android look and feel. I’m not entirely sure if it’s just the base AOSP code with few modifications or if it’s a fully custom launcher that Lineage developed though, but either works for me. I can’t outright switch to LineageOS right now due to compatibility issues with some of my work apps, so is there a way to get that Trebuchet and run it on other ROMs? For example on /e/OS because its default iPhone esque launcher kind of sucks?

Does Lineage offer the package in a repository some how? Or is there otherwise another reputable way to download the standalone app for any ROM?