Awful Affirmations

New Age unpleasantries

I just found Justus’s website and it makes my heart warm to see a blend of crafts, tech, plants, books one’s read, all mish-mashed up on a website. This little URL seemed like an excellent submission for /c/nicheinternet and I’m hoping it will help me remember to go back and check to see if he gets an RSS feed up. (I’m pretty crap at remembering things without computers poking me about them, so RSS is important!)

Weird Corners of the Internet

    SFW weird corners of the internet. See something amusingly specific? Could belong here. Remember the odd pages you’d come across on StumbleUpon? We can live those days again…

    Filed under Humor/Memes but it doesn’t have to be funny.

    note from kixiQu: I post a good amount of things from and marijn’s linkroll into this sub because I think they have a lot of fabulous examples. if anyone gets tired of it, DM me.