Gas Stoves Are the Scariest Thing in the Kitchen

As a Climate Person, I strongly believe we urgently need to electrify everything and ditch natural gas completely. The problem is, I love my gas stove. But though gas stoves are comparatively easy to cook with, they’re actually incredibly dangerous.

I moved in with someone who lives in a new condo building. Naturally everyone here picked shiny new appliances which means a gas stove. It’s a highrise, so the weak hood vent just disperses the air around the condo. New construction means some LEED standard or other means there are only two small windows that open somewhat to the outside. In order for the HVAC’s fan to run, it has to be attempting to change the temperature; there is no steady temperature fan-on option.

I also bought an air sensor because of CO2 concerns… but it also measures VOCs and particulates.

And oh my.

How does this not freak other people out?? Is it just that no one is measuring levels of indoor air pollution? If it’s this bad in a bougie environment, couldn’t it be so much worse for other homes?

Is anyone working on legislation to require vents to the outside?