Recently someone told me that some are really bad for your liver and in large amounts not healthier than large amounts of sugar.

I haven’t had time to look up their sources, but it was a professor at uni who told them. Do you have any insight that I might be lacking?

Now I am not interested in stuff like the bogus aspartam rat studies, those weren’t any good.

I mostly believe that most artificial sweeteners are not very unhealthy and thus miles better than sugars. So drinks or food sweetened with it should be good imo.

  • Gaywallet (they/it)
    2 years ago

    At some point you have to drop the level of refinement as an important criteria if you consider artificial products viable options.

    The level of refinement is often associated with increased negative health outcomes such as comparing heavily refined plant oils (such as crisco) to those which are not (such as olive oil). It’s a valid concern to have.