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They usually say something like owning an apartment is worse than renting an apartment and I should save up for a house because that’s better.

If you add up all the income I’ve made in my life, it’s probably nowhere close to being enough to buy a house anywhere in my city. But some trashy apartment? I think I could afford that eventuallly. I only rent trashy apartments and the landlords don’t fix anything worth a damn and I end up doing half of my own repairs - cuz at least that way it’s done properly. it annoys me every time that I fix up some rich person’s apartment, then I move, then fix up that rich person’s apartment rinse and repeat. And it’s annoying that the landlord tells me if I modify the room (ex repairs) that violates my lease and they’ll evict me.

But if I own it? At least I just fix it once.

Irl people also say if i buy it, it could have like black mold. Like dude, my current place has black mold already. I think most of the irl ppl I know are pay check to pay check, but I don’t use taxis or buy take out the way they do.

(My bathroom door literally just fell of its hinges.)

Anything about being poor, poverty or otherwise.

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