Wake up, log in, fire up a terminal, launch two command-line based to-do lists apps just to have them in the background. Fire up email client and browser. Turn on music. I’m trying to save as little as possible on my computer, trying to put stuff that I don’t need often on usb disks. I like a really clean desktop, with very few icons on it. Prefer to avoid having to use the menu, so I have icons on the panel for my fav. apps. And my workflow depends on my energy and mood. When I feel good I like to do a lot of things and enjoy the flow. When I feel bad I try to do simple things or slow down and have a break.


My home directory uses standard XDG directories. Nothing special.

When I log-in, I start Firefox. While Firefox is starting, I upgrade my system with pacman and get new mails with mpop. At the end of the day, I check my RSS feeds and YouTube subscriptions in newsboat.

Working with purpose.

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