Release 1.10 · Bt
Bt is a BitTorrent framework for Java 8 and higher. It offers good performance, reliability and is highly customizable.

Piracy community here on Lemmy went to 💩. So I take over 🏴‍☠.

PN community is focused on news, laws, apps etc.

I do not say piracy is right nor wrong, keep that in mind before you demonize me or this community. It is up to you if you use given info and links.

Community Rules

  • If you do not like this sub, then consider blocking !piracynews.
  • No illegal streaming stuff, which means websites that explicitly stream content, such as movies, audio or live footage.
  • No Reddit Mods, who take legit stuff down. See paradox of tolerance.
  • FOSS based tools are preferred due to malware + trust reasons. I see less and less reasons to prefer closed if there are FOSS alternatives.
  • Submitted URLs must be shortened via Trolling or abusing this will result in a community ban. This must be done to maintain plausible deniability.
  • You must submit a screenshot of submitted tool or website and provide a minimal description.
  • Resubmissions are only allowed if original URL changed, or there was a link update, 404 etc.
  • No NSFW of any kind. I do not want to lure pedos and other sickos into this community.
  • For lots of URLs submissions use base64, or the URL encoder.
  • Respect original authors submission, no disrespectful behavior is tolerated.
  • For DMCA please eMail me first.

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