Hey there! I love the idea of freecad. But I have so many troubls learning it. I started with fusion360, used solidworks for some time, used inventor a bit and use onshape mostly now. So I think I know how to navigate and learn new cad software. But its not as easy with freecad sadly.

I Would love this product to be more accessable and easier to use and undertand. What can we do besides jumping in on developing ourselves?

Switching form fusion or onshape to freecad feels like switching from python to assamlby.

So how can we help to improve freecad and make it a more usable program? It seems as if the devs try to reinvent everything and every menue compared to all other cad programs i have used. I am totaly fine with some issues or bugs, but i feel like its not up for success currently.

Thanks a lot, I hope you have some ideas

  • ScottE@lemm.ee
    6 months ago

    I get that completely - though I’d argue the same is true of Fusion360 and SolidWorks, both of which I’ve used to varying degrees - and struggled through similar issues of getting the thing to do what I want. After a few projects on FreeCAD, things started to go a lot smoother, at least for me, as I got into the workflow that worked. It can be very frustrating when you get unspecific errors, or going back to change something in an earlier step breaks everything (which is an especially well known issue with FreeCAD, but can happen with any modeling programs).