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Me, an idiot: “So, kids, by setting the thermostat a little lower and eating less meat, we’re doing our part to make the world more sustainable” 41

VCs, very smart: “We just raised $100 billion dollars from the sovereign wealth funds of three petrostates to build the world’s largest Al supercomputer. It uses as much power and O9h water as Guatemala and the primary use case is for management consultants to autogenerate powerpoints for justifying mass layoffs.”

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  • BennyHill500
    3 months ago

    The whole point about memes like this is to point out that “personal responsibility” is propaganda from big oil and that the average consumer can’t do anything about it because capitalists will use state violence to shut down any climate protests that slightly inconvenience someone, you can’t stop consuming products from polluting companies because it’s all of them.