reading about the topic I personally wondered about how people can use VPNs like ProtonVPN for torrenting which isn’t legal in some countries, without ProtonVPN and other providers getting in trouble.

Of course they don’t log and don’t have data about which user is accessing what so they can’t hand out data. But why don’t law enforcements force them to block specific traffic and thus hindering people from using it for pricacy?

  • @Fisch
    3 months ago

    The question wasn’t why VPNs are allowed but why VPNs don’t just have to block all torrent traffic by law. Your answer still applies tho: torrents aren’t used exclusively for piracy. They’re a good way for people to share files who don’t have the resources to pay for a server, especially since torrents scale automatically

    • @WarmApplePieShrek@lemmy.dbzer0.com
      43 months ago

      They will just hide. Lots of trackers block port 6881 because ISPs blocked port 6881 and people couldn’t torrent, because it was the default torrent port.

      So they just changed to random ports. Random is the default now in lots of clients.