Objective: Secure & private password management, prevent anyone from stealing your passwords.

Option 1: Store Keepass PW file in personal cloud service like OneDrive/GoogleDrive/etc , download file, use KeepassXC to Open

Option 2: Use ProtonPass or similar solution like Bitwarden

Option 3: Host a solution like Vaultwarden

Which would do you choose? Are there more options ? Assume strong masterpassword and strong technical skills

  • @TechieDamien
    27 months ago

    It is just how I prefer to do my computing. I tend to live on the command line and pipe programs together to get complex behavior. If you don’t like that, then my approach is not for you and that’s fine. As for your analogy, I see it more as “instead of driving down the road in a car, I like to put my own car together using prefabs”.