• captainsiscold
    97 months ago

    TLJ higher than the prequels is a bold statement. That was the movie that convinced me that new Star Wars was dead on arrival.

    ROTS being so low actually surprises me a bit; what’s your reasoning for that? If you haven’t checked it out, I strongly recommend the novelization of ROTS, it’s one of the best Star Wars novels I’ve ever read.

    • wjrii
      7 months ago

      A huge part of enjoying a movie for me is simply being able to sit through it without wanting to puncture my eardrums. Apart from a couple of truly lovely sequences, thinking specifically of McDiarmid in the literal “space opera” and the dialogue-less Order 66 tone poem, ROTS has almost all the same issues with direction, writing, and and acting that AOTC does. The performances are stilted, the dialogue needed more than one additional draft, and different takes should have been filmed and/or used.

      Every explanation I’ve heard from fans or even GL just rings hollow; the OT had some groaners, but by and large the cast and crew kept the floor higher, and contemporary reviews of ANH from '77 are not nearly as hard on the acting as you may have heard. Everyone was coming out of New Hollywood and a very naturalistic style, and while no one was getting nominated for performances, there was give and take that worked out better. On that front, the ST has parts that don’t hold up upon reflection, but other than a little too much Marvel zingerness, it’s just much nicer to sit through even when it makes little sense.

      As for TLJ, it has some issues with pacing and a fairly big one with the framing device of the slow-speed chase, but by and large I loved 90% of what it was doing, especially in light of the soft-reboot mindset and thin world-building that JJ left Rian Johnson with. Luke abandoned the galaxy in shame after Kylo blew everything up and cannot be found: there are literally only two options: He’s hiding while searching for something, or he’s hiding because he thinks he’s a problem. Rian picked one, and picked one that was more interesting to explore, character-wise. I can appreciate it. Maybe it’s always a mistake to revisit iconic characters after decades away, but “Jake Skywalker” struck me as a perfectly plausible backslide for the Luke we saw in TESB specifically, but also the OT generally. His ability to shake it off and embrace his own legacy and make a personal sacrifice to save his friends and ideals absolutely worked for me. I am a foolish and grizzled veteran of the stupid /r/starwars TLJ threads, so I could go on and on about Snoke and Rose and all of it, but suffice it to say I am one of those TLJ weirdos. Flawed as it is, it’s better than anything since the OT.

      Finally, the ROTS novel. If this and this and this are your cup of tea, then you do you, but I actively dislike Stover’s style.

    • @quinnly
      37 months ago

      The prequels killed SW for me and TFA/TLJ brought my love for the series back. And then TRoS killed it again.

      It’s all relative, we all take different things out of these movies. I don’t think you’re wrong for enjoying the prequels but man I couldn’t disagree with you more that they’re good movies.