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  • I’m admittedly not much of a networking expert, but you might be able to improve your existing network by running Ethernet backhaul for your mesh network (assuming your access points support it).

    Regarding whether you would benefit from a router like that: I’ve only got a 25Mbps connection, so my main use case for it is using ZeroTier to access various services on my local network, more advanced firewall controls, and the dual 2.5G Ethernet ports for connection between my main PC and home server.

  • I’d love to see those features in phones today; all of those are basically dead in the US market (Xperia 1 V gets two out of three, Zenfone 10 at least gets the 3.5mm jack…might be some cheap Motorola something that still has a jack, as well?).

    Me personally, I could even live with just the 3.5mm jack. The whole argument of “it’s for waterproofing/making the phone thinner/insert BS excuse here” falls flat when my Galaxy S9 has a 3.5mm jack and the same IP68 rating as the Pixel 8, yet manages to be thinner.