There is no doubt that electric vehicles are the future, as the way we get around and produce electricity is transitioning away from fossil fuels, and towards cleaner and greener alternatives. The entire transport sector accounts for 21% of total CO2 emissions and road travel alone accounts for 15% of total CO2 emissions so getting electric vehicles onto the roads is definitely a priority in tackling the climate crisis. However, they’re not perfect, and they are faced with obstacles that are stopping them from becoming mainstream.

    • Vypen
      3 years ago

      Agreed. I am driving a fully electric car in the German countryside. While some cities may have enough infrastructure to make driving electric cars useful and fun, here, it’s far from being the most pleasant experience. Charging at home is pretty much your only option. Some supermarkets actually offer free charging, but that number is rather small. Long(er) trips are basically impossible (however my car isn’t built for this purpose and I’m not using it for this purpose, so this might not be as problematic to people that have access to Superchargers, etc.)