I feel like there hasn’t been enough fun shenanigans in our community recently (and I love shenanigans.), so, we are doing a mini-contest to replace a word for our sidebar description.(Because I’m bored with it).

As usual, post your entry in the top level comment, and the entry with highest uplemmy (within reason) wins.

No time limit on this.

  • @TheImpressiveX
    128 months ago

    We are the Lemmyest Android community on Lemmy

    • AlmightySnoo 🐢🇮🇱🇺🇦
      8 months ago

      I dig this one, though it’s debatable whether it should be Lemmyest or Lemmiest 🤔

      EDIT: ChatGPT’s take on the similar merriest (correct form) vs “merryest”:

      The word “merriest” is the correct form in English because it follows the standard rules for forming the superlative degree of adjectives. When an adjective ends in a consonant + y, like “merry,” you change the “y” to “i” and add “-est” to form the superlative. This is a common spelling rule in English to maintain pronunciation and prevent double vowels. Therefore, “merriest” is the proper way to express the highest degree of merriness. “Merryest” would be considered incorrect.