This has been an issue for a long time. I’ve been trying to avoid Chromium based browsers, but Firefox seems to be unable to print a lot of web pages without cutting off the content between pages. This is Firefox specific, as it doesn’t happen with Chromium browsers. It’s really a pain in the ass when I need to print something I have to open another browser and print it from there. I see tons of complaints about this online going back for years. I just spent the past two hours trying (unsuccessfully) to print a recipe correctly. I eventually gave up, opened Edge and printed from there. The current state of web browsers is dogshit. It’s either give up all of your privacy or use broken stuff. Neither is good.

  • igorlogius
    6 months ago

    As a workaround, i found that the addon Print Edit WE includes a “Fix Page Breaks - All” function. Just click the toolbar icon and then on the Tools button

    Tools Button


    Hope this helps a little.


    the browser should be smarter and assume that the website was made by obstinate toddlers.

    I’d guess that when you try to make your product “to smart” it can have the unwanted concequence of gaining greater complexity and with it a higher effort for maintainablility, which might not be something you want.

    • 80386SX
      36 months ago

      Thanks. Added that addon. This will help a lot.