Why Slack’s free plan change is causing an exodus
On July 18, 2022, Slack announced that starting September 1, search history for organizations on Slack’s Free plan will be limited to just the past 90 days of message history. Instead of a 10,000-message limit and 5 GB of storage, we are giving full access to the past
Arthur Besse

within a “stream” (the word zulip uses for channels/rooms/groups/etc), they have a concept of topics… which are sort of like linear email threads (without nested replies).

a proper ticketing system is nice to have, but, if you have any kind of chat then some information will inevitably end up there and only there. so the question is not if chat is a knowledge repository but rather how long it takes to find things there (and then to find related things after you find one thing). zulip’s fast search and topics make this very easy.

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