I’m trying to move my contacts from my Google account to my Nextcloud account, synced via DAVx5, and it’s not been smooth sailing. So many dark patterns…

  • the option to default new contacts to my Nextcloud account is ignored, new contacts still go to the Google account unless overridden
  • old Google contacts can’t be moved to Nextcloud, but can be moved to other Google accounts
  • Nextcloud contacts can be moved to Google accounts.

I don’t know if this is just a bug in Google’s support for non-Google contacts, a bug in DAVx5, or something else.

I’m moving to FairEmail for emailing, so if there’s any good contacts app that’s preferably open source that will work with it, I’ve about had it with the stock Google apps.

Thanks in advance!


Make a local backup and move it to nextcloud.

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