Are lakes just permanent floods?
How long does an area have to be flooded for before it's considered a body of water?

The scoring mechanism on Lemmy is addictive
I can't read a news article anymore without thinking of how many upvotes I'd get if I posted it to Lemmy. People are fucking dying. I suppose the scoring mechanism is a way to distinguish higher-quality posts from lower-quality ones, but I also wonder whether "humane" social media like Lemmy blindly adopts techniques from mainstream social media that serves to increase engagement and profit. I wonder what a radical anticapitalist rethinking of social media would look like.

It's extremely easy to get banned in matrix chat rooms. I've lost track of how many rooms i'm banned from. Seemingly, piss of a moderator in a unrelated room and then boom banned from some random room
I've been banned from rooms i've never stepped foot in. A lot of matrix mods also seem to do the cop of shoot first ask questions never

You know what? Screw the patriarchy, i'm glad i can feel pain
Literally just came in handy for reading a friend correctly ib4 i post something like 'screw being able to feel pain'

I haven't seen signal users fighting matrix users in a while. It's nice.
I still see xmpp users taking a wee on other users though *sigh*

Everything we don't like ,we say it's due to capitalism
Not literally everything is due to capitalism

A lot of normies text with like 0 'intimacy'
If I send a lemming a long reply, they often reply with a similar length reply. Normies often like 1 word answer reply in dm to like a paragraph. An interesting way to observe who the leets are.

Looking up a friend on my Facebook friend list is like Russian roulette - half the time they have deleted me as a friend
Specifically people I met a long time ago or people i haven't spoken to as much Overall Facebook's a very dramatic social media. The fact that people's faces r on it calms a bunch of people down. But still, lots of of toxicity in the DMs It's a pretty trashy social media that emphasizes the advantages of being antisocial

I don't like being in positions of power. It makes people act too different.
THat drax quote about beautiful people applies here pretty well.

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