Self Promotion
Welcome to Self-Promo!

This is a space intended for you to promote your work (or that of others assuming they themselves are hosting it) hosted on Fediverse platforms. …

Gonna continue to seed the community with some of my posts periodically to keep activity going. If you have content you’d like to share or thoughts on existing content, make sure to post!..

This is a very very very rough proof of concept for a series I want to do called “It Came From the Repositories” where I dig for weird and forgotten Linux software and showcase it. …

Issue #1 in a series of mine where I review Fediverse content to help highlight creators. From a few years back, will probably post these periodically to help get the community rolling. …

Self Promotion

    A place for you to promote your own or others’ content on the Fediverse or under Creative Commons licenses. Content which does not meet this criteria will be removed, and please view and comment on others’ work whenever possible.

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