ITmodulo: news, Q&A, amateur photography
CC-licensed amateur photography
Hi folks, I play a little with photography in my spare time. This page is not intended to be a professional approach to photography, therefore I provide content under CC licenses. Updates will be rare as I take pictures mostly during holidays. All photos are processed using open source apps such as Darktable then converted to webp format to save space on server. (If you want png/raw contact me, I'll share you temporary link). Have fun!

Changes include: - GTK4 🎉 - No-thumb mode (No more slow searching). - Better stability, no irritating segmentation faults. - Touch-less search: just type, results will change. - Auto-generated md5, sha256 and sha512 checksums included. - Updated dependencies and compiled with latest go 1.18 - DEV: Improved algorithm for calculating time by using formula for buffer size sample rate and num. of channels. (Considered as less overhead for CPU) - DEV: New algorithm for auto-playing next track. Avoid traditional recursion. Now goroutine lunches second one and communicates through golang channels to start new reader but waits for previous one to escape loop and end not to conflict while GUI changes. (In theory should save memory as functions end in order) - Added [Screenshots](

[Sonically]( migrates from GTK3 to GTK4. Big thanks to [@diamondburned ]( for awesome GTK4 go bindings!

ITmodulo: news, Q&A, amateur photography

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