roff typesetting: groff, troff, nroff, neatroff, mandoc, etc.
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roff typesetting: groff, troff, nroff, neatroff, mandoc, etc.

    “Groff (GNU troff) is a typesetting system that reads plain text mixed with formatting commands and produces formatted output. Output may be PostScript or PDF, html, or ASCII/UTF-8 for display at the terminal. Present on most Unix systems owing to its long association with Unix manuals (manpages), groff is capable of producing typographically sophisticated documents while consuming only minimal system resources.” – from GNU


    Feel free to ask questions about the roff family and its many macros! Interested in learning more? Type man groff or info groff into your terminal to read the documentation. A good macro to start with is the ms macro!

    Note: you may have to install groff using your package manager for its full capabilities, as many GNU+Linux distributions only ship with the base package used in manpages.

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