Assembly of Liberty

The assembly of liberty is a new (forming) secular faith and union.

Adherants shall be known as libertarians.

Core tenants (WIP):

  1. Election day is a religious holiday. Voting is the most important belief we hold to be true.
  2. We believe that businesses are best when ran as cooperatives and when the employees are in full control.
  3. We believe all men, women, trans, etc are created equal and have equal rights to be respected, honored, and live a stress free life.
  4. We believe those in power, have their interests at heart no matter how much ‘good will’ they have towards the bourgeoisie class.
  5. We believe that a class war is going on right now, and that the biggest detriment is that most don’t even see it. Most are ignorantly blissfully unaware of the power they possess and that if they’d just join forces with everyone else, we could have a (near) utopian society where everyone is happy, respectful, and working on the cool shit like FTL drives.

True libertarians, are NOT the libertarian party in America, but an anarchist socialism that is AGAINST state socialism (communism) and for smaller union controls of local communities.

We feel that the government is a failure and just is there for smoke and mirrors to control everyone.

There are ways to wrest power from Washington. For example, most would love to see Medicare For All, yet the politicians don’t want to cave on that.

Alternative plan: Create a union. All are welcome. All commit to supporting member business/small businesses. All businesses MUST be worker co-ops, or freelancers w/ 1 employee which if you think about it is the same thing. The union would have it’s own bank/credit union. The union would use money to buy real estate and investments. It’d use rent (while also forcing rents lower in places) to pay for medical coverage for members.

Example: Say we have a debit card for the Credit Union that charges a 5% fee for transactions, similar to a vat. Those go into a fund for medical coverage. This fund is fully transparent, all funds in/out are broadcast via an api.

Members then can submit medical bills, and we pay them. If we don’t have enough in our coffers, we try to work out deals w/ hospitals on your behalf for payment plans, and we pay as we can. We also hold fund raisers, etc to make up the difference. All while adding more real estate rentals, and backup funding sources, etc…

We could for instance have our own cooperatively owned: Bank, Cloud Hosting (AWS/Digital Ocean), Amazon / Ebay (Marketplace of goods), Hospitals (cut down costs of services), Drug Company (mail order pharmacy + generics made in-house + r/d on new drugs that we offer w/out greed).

Executives in all co-op owned businesses would be capped at 250k, and employees would be given stock options, bonuses, and living wages.

The premise of this is based on dual power, and I’m not gonna go on and on, I highly recommend reading up on it though at:

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