#FamilyMan been married for >14 years and have two daughters. Those three girls are my greatest love on this planet.

I consider myself a #GNU Evangelist. Learning about what #FreeSoftware was, including GNU/Linux, opened my eyes to so many things: governments aren’t the only ones stealing individual rights, I know so much less about computers than I thought I did, the idea of code, I can make a difference without having to know anyone particular.

I’m employed as contract Engineer in the Metal industry. My workplace is not yet unionized, but I’m hoping to fix that. #Union member of the #IWW IU440. I don’t have an engineering degree. After discovering Free Software I took my political scientist butt and found a call center job that paid for me to go to Community College to study Software Engineering, where I learned that I liked the idea of coding a lot more than I liked coding. The blessings of God put some great opportunities in my lap at just the right time.

I’m a #Libertarian and have been for over 20 years. The love of libertarianism is what lead me to first to a BS in #political science and later to falling in love with Free Software. These days I lean toward the left side of the libertarian spectrum including being a member of the Libertarian #Socialist Caucus of the Libertarian Party (LSC-LP). Sometimes I call myself a #LibSoc.

I’m a huge #sports fan, but don’t following any particular sport/team super closely. Lately I’ve been getting into #Cricket in addition to my other passions of Professional #Wrestling, Lower Division North American #Soccer, NHL & College #hockey, #baseball #olympics & #rugby (union and #RugbyLeauge). My whole life used to be American #Football, but now-a-days I can’t stand it anymore than I can basketball.

I’m a #BornAgain #Christian, accepting #Jesus as my savior at age 9. Received #Believers Baptism at age 18. Received the baptism of the #HolySpirit as evident in speaking in #tougnes later that year. The #Spirit lead me to the #Catholic #Church at age 20 where I was confirmed at the Easter Vigil. I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ in #recovery from lust. #XA #SA #CR Currently in the very early stages of discernment for joining the #Ecumenical order of #Fransicans (#OEF).

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@nicfab@community.nicfab.itb this sounds like a giant nothing burger.

Will we finally look at seperating athletics from education?
The only reason there is any concern here is due to the North American problem of linking sports with higher education. This would never happen in the rest of the world where private clubs, not public schools, are where amature athletics thrive. as an American sports fan I demand [#SeperationOfSchoolAndSport](https://libranet.de/search?tag=SeperationOfSchoolAndSport) [#Sports](https://libranet.de/search?tag=Sports)

@yogthos @dRLY Even better I found the original scientific paper they were referencing. THANKS /r/scholar ! transfer.sh/ujBHfV/jacs.2c0909…

@dRLY @yogthos you actually read the article? Would you mind providing the text?

@linux because I trust the Debian model

@linux what’s wrong with just using whatever browser is in your repo?

@yogthos A screenshot of birdsite is not a meme

@SheepWolf gotcha, just banned from purchasing an Oh*o fishing license, that makes sense.

Is Wade Barret announcing Rugby League World Cup?
Has anyone else been watching [#RLWC2021](https://libranet.de/search?tag=RLWC2021)? Who's the British announcer? It sure sounds like Stu Bennet / Wade Barret. [#Wrestling](https://libranet.de/search?tag=Wrestling) [#Sports](https://libranet.de/search?tag=Sports) [#Rugby](https://libranet.de/search?tag=Rugby) [#leauge](https://libranet.de/search?tag=leauge) [#WorldCup](https://libranet.de/search?tag=WorldCup) [@squaredcircle](https://lemmy.ml/c/squaredcircle) [@rugby](https://a.gup.pe/u/rugby) [@sports](https://beehaw.org/c/sports)

@Zerush @OptimusPrime @science cuz it ain’t their money. It’s usually your money via a publicly funded university

@PP44 @Ephera that has been thought before too. quitter.no

deleted by creator

@uthredii THANKS! that’s the image I was thinking of but i may have misremembered there numbers

@PP44 @uthredii Last I saw Mastodon has just over 200,000 users, up from less than 40,000 two weeks ago. To put that in perspective, when they shut down AOL Instant Messenger because “no one was using it anymore” they were averaging 1,000,000 users a day

@kromonos @roland is this really worth suing about? Sounds like a bad precedent to me. Can we all just be cool and keep the state out of fediverse

@_ed Took me a minute, at first I thought you where claiming I didn’t waste time at work looking up the correct emoji’s to use to this post, then I realized you were saying that Ireleand got creamed.

Publicly posting to forum broke?
My recollection of the user guide was that if you start a post with it would only post to the forum, but if you put it at the end it would go to all followers AND the forum, but now it's only showing posting to two servers

Ric Flar v. Jim Neidhart 1991
On this date in 1991, the Real World’s Champion Ric Flair was put to the test when he went one on one against Jim The Anvil Neidhart on SuperStars [yewtu.be/watch?v=30CuWjAjThQ](https://yewtu.be/watch?v=30CuWjAjThQ) [#sports](https://libranet.de/search?tag=sports) [#Wrestling](https://libranet.de/search?tag=Wrestling) [#RicFlair](https://libranet.de/search?tag=RicFlair)

These are video Game Scores!
[\#England](https://libranet.de/search?tag=England) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 121 - 0 [#Ireland](https://libranet.de/search?tag=Ireland) ☘️ [#RLWC2021](https://libranet.de/search?tag=RLWC2021) [#wheelchair](https://libranet.de/search?tag=wheelchair) ♿ [#Rugby](https://libranet.de/search?tag=Rugby) 🏉 [#League](https://libranet.de/search?tag=League) 🏅 [Rugby Leauge Wheelchair World Cup: Round 3 full Report](https://www.rlwc2021.com/report/47) [#sports](https://libranet.de/search?tag=sports)

@OptimusPrime @linux by weasling my way into an engineering job with a degree in political science by claiming voluteer experience on my resume as a “Free Software Developer” & then listing every project that i has contributed bto by commenting on their forum at least once

Title as content warning
am I correct in understand that TITLES being shown as Content warnings on [#mastodon](https://libranet.de/search?tag=mastodon) is a Mastodon decision, not a [#friendica](https://libranet.de/search?tag=friendica) one? ♲ [graz.social/@publicvoit/109244…](https://graz.social/@publicvoit/109244828391962299)

Should I receive notifications of being tagged in a thread that I IGNORED?
when I select the option to IGNORE THREAD, will I still receive notifications if I am tagged in the thread subsequently, or will I get no notifications at all?

Where to stream Rugby Leauge World Cup
any recommendations on where I can access a stream for the Canada- Papua New Guinea Women's Rugby League World Cup match this afternoon (ET)? I'm interested in watching, but not interested enough to give Fite.Tv $100 to do so.

Just when I thought Telegram might be an option

Request for Meme
does anyone have the meme based on an early 20th century political cartoon that includes people freaking out about electrical lines causing death and distraction with a Meme caption showing THIS IS WHAT SOME OF YOU LOOK LIKE WHEN TALKING ABOUT 5G. An internet search isn't helping me find it.

Hello fellow liberty lovers!
I just found our group, but it looks like there hasn't been any action here in quite some time. So let me try to get some by saying something controversial. I agree with practically everything in the sidebar. Though I have concerns about "True libertarians, are NOT the libertarian party in America," The Libertarian Party is a big tent party, that welcomes all people whoever they may be along the libertarian spectrum. I've been a member of the LP for over 20 years, I'm also a wobbly, and a member of the Libertarian Socialist Caucus of the Libertarian Party. [#BottomUnity](https://libranet.de/search?tag=BottomUnity) Liberty works when we work together. While you may not be able to work with right-libertarians on everything, I've certainly had better response doing so than working with left-authoritarians. I happen to believe that syndicalist methods, including radical industrial unionism, may be our best path forward for dismantling the State and achieving worker power, but I'm willing to work with anyone going on the direction of less authority and more liberty. While most "anarcho-capitalists" believe that a without an authoritarian state a "a natural capitalist economy" will arise. I believe that without such man's natural law of caring for one's fellows would natural occur a mutual-socialist-gift economy, but we have to be willing to work together when possible to shrink authority and see which one, if any, of us are correct.

better search?
any recommendations on how to search for a particular post/thread? I had participated in a thread with [@hypolite](https://friendica.mrpetovan.com/profile/hypolite) a while back discussing the differences advantages and disadvantages between the polycentric 'verse and some P2P social media. I wanted to reference it again to look up more on the particular P2P that had been discussed, but I can't for the life of me find it. I should have favorited it, but I didn't. I can't find a way to limit my search to [@hypolite](https://pixelfed.mrpetovan.com/users/hypolite) or even just friends/conversations so I get a whole 'verse full of results for "P2P" and "P2P Social Media"

Reply to email lists via Friendica?
I have switched many of my email newsletter subscriptions to RSS feeds that I access via Friendica using [kill-the-newsletter.com/](https://kill-the-newsletter.com/) I recently realized I can do the same with mail lists, like GNU Mail Man, Google groups, etc. (Though it took a little more figangalingy) What I was wondering is if anyone knows a way to configure something like IFTTT to allow me to reply/Quote Share such a list message to post a reply to the list? If I still have to access a mail client to do so, oh well, its still better seeing them in this feed than my bloated mailbox, at least until I bloat this feed to much 😉