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  • (Also, the last one was their own fever dream… made of CF. Just saying.)

    I figured something was odd when the expedition page didn’t have pictures of the submersible on it, and just mention it in one sentence somewhere.

    Edit: Waybackmachine Was a relevation

    The Technology To Get Us There

    We push the limits of technology, science, and human endurance to raise awareness of Planet Earth, our “Blue Marble”. For this expedition, we will use a variety of ocean exploration technologies, including:

    The Cyclops submersible, made by OceanGate, has eight hours of life support for a crew of five and an emergency system to support five people for four days. With a 57” acrylic dome that allows for 180º degree visibility, Cyclops will enable our crew to descend as far as 500 meters below Dean’s surface with unparalleled visibility. It is equipped with internal and external lighting and video equipment for capturing the highest quality of video content while we explore.

    Cyclops can descend 500 meters and is designed to meet the most rigorous needs of governmental and commercial expeditions. With control spheres to house sensors and controllers outside the pressure hull, it has minimal hull penetrations to


    When exploring the depths of Dean’s Blue Hole, we’ll be able to venture beyond the submersible thanks to the EXOSUIT, developed and built in Vancouver by Nuytco Research Ltd. Constructed from aluminum alloy, it’s also lightweight — 500-600 lbs — and can operate underwater for up to 50 hours at depths up to 1,000 feet. A number of rotary joints that mimic elbows, knees, and shoulders allow for significant mobility, giving divers exceptional dexterity and flexibility to perform delicate work. The EXOSUIT is equipped with 852 Ultra-Miniature scanning SONAR.

    I think I take back my initial statement