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I don’t remember one where people thought they might need 4 in less than two years. So those seem to work better than these idk though not a scientist.

Oh yeah the sudden huge spikes in death means nothing. Geez you people.

Thanks. I believe in you.

Definitely removed

Here is a few in the flu vaccine.

He is as official as every other fact checker I can tell you that for sure.

Tell that to the thousands who have died due to the experimental covid vaccines as seen in the vaers database

Injecting yourself with 4 experimental vaccines in the span of two years each containing preservatives directly into your blood stream can only benefit society. Big Pharma can not possibly fund the studies that say infinite boosters will be needed to avoid cold like symptoms the rest of your life. No one profits. All money spent is deposited into poor peoples bank accounts. This has been fact checked by fact checkers not funded by those with moderna stock.